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Referral Program

Just as I am rewarded for the work that I complete for my customers,
I believe it is important to reward those that help me promote my business.

Referral Fees
Company and institutional policies vary greatly on this type of incentive. When it is not allowed, I respect that position. However, I always try to make sure those that are responsible for helping me are rewarded in some manner that would not violate such policies. Often the issue is avoided by many contractors, but I want helpful professionals to be aware that I am open to any suggestions and happy to talk about it. Since we customize this kind of encouragement to accommodate the working situations that develop, it is difficult to give a one size fits all equation. Also, I feel it is important that the confidentiality of business between working professionals be respected. Just as I would not discuss the compensation that I give my employees, I would not discuss the compensation that I supply those that keep my company growing.

Free Work
The word "free" has a amazing ability to grab attention. I believe the old adage that "Nothing is free in this world" is very relevant in business. However, in many situations where offering cash is not preferable, services in lieu of fee is a great option. Also, in the past, I have initiated small projects without charge in order to gain opportunities. As with referral fees, each situation must be approached on an individual basis.

Referral Program | Greenville, SC
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